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MILLER is the best management system for companies in the medical industry.

All your information is stored in the cloud.

When you sign up, all responsibility for data maintenance is supported by Openness Technology. Because it is a specialized service, your company will have superior server management and maintenance with the company (AWS Amazon), ensuring data integrity in a comprehensive manner and with much more advanced and rigorous security policies.

With a trained staff and quality service, the chances of errors occurring are much lower, providing more confidence in the file integrity. In case of possible failures, your files will remain intact, as the backup is done automatically to ensure the security of the data.

The cloud storage feature lets you share and interact with files anytime (online) and from any location via mobile devices.

There's no need for any infrastructure investment when you contract MILLER.

With a US$ 189 monthly subscription your company has unlimited access to the system, regardless of the number of users accessing it.

Check other plans and get discounts through our partnerships.

Our support is online, via chat on the website, internal communication tool in the MILLER and telephone.


The email functionality is used as a reminder for your day-to-day appointments, accounts payable, and more.


Miller is also responsible for optimizing time, control and transparency of all your company's information.


Through SMS your customer may receive reminders, such as appointment confirmation.


The patient module exists to control the profile of your client, from the main data to the clinical history.



Nothing better than eliminating paper, and you can be sure that you will not lose any commitment to your customer.


The stock module provides the control you need to know your product availability.



Control all your clinics with complete financial module.

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Knowing the numbers of your company is essential for your business to succeed.

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Find any and all information related to sales operations in one place: the sales module!

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CRM (Customer Relationshion Management).

With our CRM it is possible to manage clients more efficiently knowing exactly which actions need to be taken next in order to meet your client's needs.


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Find any and all information related to purchasing operations in one place: the purchasing module!

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Adria Insurance

Adria Group exclusive insurance

Adria Insurance offers insurance for hearing aids with factory extended warranty. With MILLER you have the option to offer Adria Insurance along with the sale of any device.

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Forms of Financing

Openness has partnered with a financial company to introduce a financial assistance program with automatic and instant pre-approvals.