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Are you looking for a specialized solution for your specialty clinic?
You can find the best and most complete management and sales system for your specialty clinic here.
Below, you can learn about all the features that will help you better manage your business.

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Online calendar with recurrence

Simplify your life and take control of your busy schedule with our recurring online scheduler. Never miss an appointment again!

Our advanced scheduling system allows you to easily set up recurring appointments, saving you time and ensuring you stay organized.

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Evolution of the patient with the electronic medical record

Electronic medical records have revolutionized care for clinics, improving efficiency, enhancing patient care and promoting collaboration. With instant access to comprehensive patient information, healthcare professionals can make informed decisions, seamlessly coordinate care, and empower patients to play an active role in their healthcare journey.

Service Invoice

Automated Process: With an ERP system, issuing service notes becomes automated. Peter can generate service notes based on predefined templates, saving time and reducing manual effort.

By using Peter to issue service notes in Brazil, you can streamline your processes, ensure compliance with regulations and improve overall efficiency in managing your service operations.

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Appointment confirmation via whatsapp

Using appointment confirmation via WhatsApp offers several advantages...

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Patient CRM

My patient CRM is a valuable tool for your clinic looking to improve your interactions...

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The daily cash control of your specialty clinic is a monitoring process...

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Have you ever imagined being able to generate graphics, make the diagnosis all together with the medical record and in a single environment?


Optimize operations and simplify workflow: Peter ERP is your complete solution for ongoing management of specialty clinics with or without autism care. Easily handle appointment scheduling, patient registrations, service quotes, invoicing and much more.

Simplify complex workflows, free up valuable time to focus on delivering your patients' physical and mental health services.

Improve Patient Experience, Foster Relationships: At the heart of every specialty clinic is a commitment to providing personalized patient care. Peter's CRM module allows you to build strong relationships with patients and deliver personalized experiences. Capture comprehensive patient profiles, track communication history, and provide personalized follow-ups. Elevate patient satisfaction and loyalty with every interaction.

Ensure compliance, protect patient data: Privacy and security are paramount in the healthcare industry. Peter was designed with robust security measures in place to protect sensitive patient data. Our solution adheres to industry regulations and compliance standards from the Speech Therapy, Psychology and Medicine Council and LGPD (General Data Protection Act), providing peace of mind and ensuring confidentiality at every step of the process.

Adapted to your needs, scalable for growth: we understand that each specialty clinic has its particularities as a service for autistic people. Peter is fully specialized for his business.

Grow your practice with confidence knowing that Peter can help you and grow with your success.

Partner with Openness Technology and unlock the full potential of your specialty practice.

Experience the power of Peter to streamline operations, improve patient care and drive sustainable growth.

Take a step towards a future of excellence in patient care with Peter.

Empowering specialty clinics

Simplify operations, streamline workflows and improve patient care with Peter ERP, designed exclusively for specialty clinics. From scheduling appointments to billing, service launches, issuing notes, reports. Peter streamlines his practice, ensuring a seamless, patient-centric experience. Experience efficiency, compliance and scalability with Peter - your key to your growth.

Take control of your clinic in one place.


Service Budget

Allows users to record and track sales orders, including customer information, product details, prices, quantities and payment terms.


Service Requests

Information such as client details, description of services requested, start and end dates, resource allocation, estimated costs and payment terms.


Financial control

Functionality includes features such as accounts payable and receivable, cash flow management, bank reconciliation, expense and income tracking, issuing invoices, and tracking payments.


Management reports

Allows the generation of customized reports, such as sales analysis, cost analysis, inventory reports, financial reports, among others. Management reports provide real-time data and can be viewed intuitively through graphs.

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