Miller manages my business with me, from financial, clinical and administrative.

It is a complete system for hearing center. So everything specific to the area is within it.

I see Miller as several advantages, but the biggest ones are affordable cost, inventory control, sales organization and customer management, and many characteristic details for use in my business, great support, fast and efficient every time.

I have been with Miller since the beginning, and today it is, without a doubt, a complete system for my business.


Vivian Braga – Responsible Speech Pathologist, Owner Partner

Ouvir Bem Espaço auditivo

Ouvir Bem Espaço auditivo

Miller makes management much easier by aggregating the agenda, financial, stock in one place, in addition to being accessible from wherever I am !!


Clarissa de Oliveira Costa, Responsible speech therapist, Owner partner

Centro Auditivo Audibem

Centro Auditivo Audibem

O Miller made my business more professional. With the face of a real company.

It makes my day to day much easier, I can see the agenda, sell even when I’m not in the hearing center, make consultations, bills to pay, receipts.

A specific program for the least needs. In my case, I do two things: Hearing Center and Consultation.

Now I don’t live without Miller, I’m afraid I need only one program, it’s easy to access and interactive.

The emergencies are always ready and ready to help. All very patient and polite. Note 1000.


Dr. Patricia Tenorio, Responsible Speech Pathologist, Owner Partner

Limiar Aparelhos Auditivos

Limiar Aparelhos Auditivos

Miller helps us organize and visualize our business, we can keep track of the agenda, patient appointments and inventory.

What we have the most advantage of is financial and stock control, monitoring of calls, issuing invoices and reports.

We managed to grow with more organization and control.

I don’t use the service much, I preferred when it was more direct, but the touch is due to growth.

As an evolution, we suggest the issue of credit card sales with the issuance of an integrated Invoice or invoice.

I have already indicated the system and we are satisfied.


Marcia Malheiros, Responsible Speech Therapist, Owner

Life Sound

Life Sound

Miller is a system focused on our business, we managed to improve the quality and management of our services, the commercial part and store management.

It helps us to optimize service time and security in the information of each patient, cost reduction in inventory management, access to patient information, optimization of labor.

Undoubtedly, it is a differential in our day-to-day life, the possibility of controlling the stock by the serial number of the hearing aid.

The support service is excellent, always with a quick response to our demands.


Marcelo Feijó, CFO

Vicente de Camargo Auditivos

Vicente de Camargo Auditivos

What else Miller adds to our company is the agility of patient care, reduction of rework, organization and administrative and accounting statistics, rapid management and auditing.

A differential is being able to access the important documents of the company, even from a distance, in any place, by PC or cell phone to manage and audit.

Some of the advantages are the organization, ease of data entry and use for employees, without the need for extensive training and remote access for real-time management.

The support service is excellent, efficient, helpful and attentive.


Alessandra Brancaccio, Owner Partner

Ouvir +

Ouvir +

When we started using Miller, we had more precise management and we were able to work on network expansion with much more security, management and team control.

Administrative control, attendance monitoring, prospecting and scheduling indicators.

The biggest advantage really is the monitoring of processes online.

Always excellent service with quick solutions.


Antonio Junior – Founder and CEO



O Miller helps us in the organization and standardization of two processes, mainly accounts to receive and pay.

The information is easily accessible to all collaborators, with ease in viewing or stocking the sales made.

The team’s attention is very good and they are quite attentive.


Karla Luiz Kamilos, Responsible Speech Therapist, Owner