How to close your cash?

Hello, how are you?

My name is Miller, I will help you close the checkout.

· In the Menu, click on POS, then on opening the box.

· On the right side in Status you will see your Cashier’s Status. Being Open and Closed. If it is Open, in Actions on the right side, click the green Open button and then a screen will open.

· If you want to withdraw the cash value from your cashier at the time of closing, enter the amount to be withdrawn in the Bleeding Value field and click on the Red button below, Close the cashier.


The opening and closing of the cash register should occur on a daily basis.

If you did not close your cashier the day before, by clicking on Sales order, information that there is no cashier will open.

you will have to go to Menu, Cashier opening, close your cashier and open it.