How to insure through Miller?

Hello, how are you?
My name is Miller, I will help you get insurance for hearing aids.
On the top system bar, click Device Insurance.
You will be directed to the site
Select a plan, a device or two devices, and click on the red “Contract my insurance now” button.
Check the details of the selected choice, and Click Close Purchase.
If you already have a registration, click on the phrase in red and click here to enter.
If you do not have a registration, fill in the Billing Details, Device Description, Account Data and Additional Information fields if necessary.
Check your order details, select the payment method, check the option Li and agree with the insurance conditions after reading it, and click on Finalize your purchase.

Any questions, please contact Miller Continuous Improvement.

Phone: + 55 11 5199- 0899


WhatsApp: + 55 11 93205-0333