How to launch a Service Request?

Hello, how are you?

My name is Miller, I will help you issue a Service Request.

• In the Menu, click on Services, then click on Service Request and next to the green Create Service Request button.
• In the Identification Tab, enter the customer’s first or last name and click Search.
• After the Contact List appears, click on the customer you want to issue the order.
• In the second Customer Address Tab, confirming the address, click Next on the blue button on the right.
• If the customer’s address has not been included in his registration, the address fields to register will appear. Perform the registration and click on the blue Next button.
• In the third Services tab, select the service, Click the blue Add Service button.
• Select the service quantity and click the blue button Next to the right.
• In the Total tab, fill in the payment terms and click Save.
• Right below you can check the order, the status and on the right side you can Generate the Invoice, Edit or Delete.
• After Generating the Invoice, you can print the Invoice or view it.