The patient arrived at the clinic, how to start his pre-care at Miller?

Hello, how are you?

My name is Miller, I will help you start an appointment.

In the Menu, click Agenda, then Agenda of the day.
On the screen you will see all the schedules for the day. When clicking on the scheduled patient, another one will open with the options: Attached Documents, add more documents, scheduling history.
In the right corner you will see in the red button the total of canceled consultations and in the green button the total of consultations rescheduled by the patient.
When calling the patient, click the green Start Care button.
A patient history screen will open.
You will find the Documents Tab, where you will see the patient’s attached documents or exams.
On the right side in procedures, click Anamnesis. Perform the hearing loss questions, select OD, OE or bilaterally. Inform your clinical information, from the right, left ear, history of hearing loss, surgeries, pain, tinnitus, hypersensitivity to sound, perception of better ear OD, OE. Previous experiences with ASSI, General Health, Main Complaint, Lifestyle, Meatoscopy, Manual Dexterity, Visual Ability, Observations.
Again on the right hand side in Procedures, click on Audiometry. You can go through documents first to check the exams and buy and perform the audiometry. Enter the Threshold check information in the clinic.
If the patient is going to purchase a product for testing, click on the right side under Products for testing. Select the product to test by clicking the blue button, include the period, note for adaptation and click Save.
Below you will check the button, Generate Responsibility Term for the system. Click on it, print the term, collect signatures, scan and insert the blue button Load Term of Responsibility. click Save.