Notice to Openness and WINMED customers


Dear Partners and Stakeholders,

It is with great satisfaction that we announce a significant and strategic merger between our company Openness Technology and Winmed Softwares, a recognized leader in the Audiological management sector. This transaction represents an important milestone in our business journey and reinforces our commitment to offering innovation and excellence in the management of hearing centers and multi-specialty clinics. The joining of forces between Openness Technology and Winmed Softwares will allow for a unique synergy, combining the expertise of both organizations to create an even stronger entity capable of facing the challenges of the current market. We believe that this merger will not only strengthen our market position, but will also bring tangible benefits to our customers, employees and partners. We highlight some key points of this merger:

Portfolio Expansion:

The merger will expand our product/service portfolio, providing a more comprehensive range of solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs.

Continuous Innovation:

By combining the capabilities of both companies, we will strengthen our ability to innovate, ensuring we remain at the forefront of technology and product development.

Improving Operational Efficiency:

The integration of processes and resources will result in greater operational efficiency, allowing us to deliver high-quality services even more effectively.

Care for Our Collaborators:

Our commitment to employees remains unchanged. We will seek to ensure a smooth transition and offer all necessary support during this integration period.

We are excited about the benefits this merger will bring, and we look forward to continuing our successful journey together. We thank everyone involved for their continued commitment and support of the shared vision of excellence and growth.

We will continue to seek opportunities to innovate and create value, and look forward to building a bright and successful future as a unified entity.